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QUITÉRIOS respects the privacy of data holders with regards to the use of data and is committed to protecting such privacy. To that end, it provides information about its Data Policy, the mode of collecting information and how that information can be used.

Personal Data refers to any information that is related to a natural person and may include, among other elements: contact details (name, address, telephone, email addresses); personal details (date of birth, nationality); professional and employment details (education, training and profession) and financial details (tax identification number and bank account number).

This policy defines the basic standards of QUITÉRIOS that apply in the absence of more restrictive rules that may be established by legislation that takes precedence over GDPR.


When collecting Personal Data, QUITÉRIOS informs you, in a clear and objective manner, as to the nature and purpose of those collected data. The use of Personal Data for a different purpose than that which was initially communicated is not authorised.

Any consent for the collection and use of Personal Data must be freely given by the data subjects and in response to clear information requested by QUITÉRIOS. Such consent may be withdrawn at any time by the data subjects without undue complications.


QUITÉRIOS collects and records the Personal Data strictly necessary for the indicated purpose and ensures that the same are corrected or deleted, whenever requested or whenever their existence is no longer justified.


The right to access, correct or update personal data, as well as the right to oppose the use of such data, by sending an email to info@quité, is guaranteed.

QUITÉRIOS will handle and investigate complaints made by data subjects relative to any violation of these rules or data privacy legislation and will respond to such complaints in a timely fashion.


QUITÉRIOS limits access to Personal Data to employees that need to conduct specific tasks related to such Data. Suitable confidentiality, training and awareness raising measures are applied to ensure that the Personal Data are not shared with or disclosed to unauthorised persons.

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