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19'' Racks
Wall mounted application with 6U; 8U; 13U and 17U
Floor application with 24U
10'' Racks
Wall mounted application with 6U
1,5mm zinc plate
Tempered glass (door of the 19'' rack)
White (RAL 9010)
Grey (RAL7035)
Black (RAL 9005)
Front door
Reversible with tempered glass on the 19'' racks
Reversible metallic door on the 10'' racks
Natural convection (10'' and 19'' racks)
Possibility of forced ventilation application on the 19'' racks
Protection Degree
Passing cable panels
Advantages of Use
Diversity of Colors

Available in white (RAL 9010), grey (RAL 7035) and black (RAL 9005)


Chassis with number of Us.
Each rack include extra Us, one on top and one at the bottom.


Easy opening side doors (19’’ racks).
Floor mounted racks with four doors with locks and keys.

Cable Passing

Slide openings on top and bottom for cable passing.

Flexibility and Safetyness

Depth-adjustable metallic chassis to fix panels (19’’ racks).
Bottom and top built to ensure stability when having one rack on top of the other.

Strength and Aesthetics

10'' racks with metallic door and 19'' racks with tempered glass, both with right or left side opening.
Perfect finishing in every color.

Wide Range of Solutions

10'' and 19'' panels for PC, CC, FO and electrical equipment.

Compact Solutions

Panels 1U for Coaxial, of 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 outputs.
New coaxial splitter, more compact. 

Strength and Aesthetics

10'' racks with metallic door and 19'' racks with tempered glass, both with right or left side opening.
Perfect finishing in every color.

FO Protection

19'' FO panel with drawer, that assures a higher protection of the FO network.


Increase ventilation on the 19'' racks, by using the ventilation kit (cod. 0010139) or the 3 ventilation panel (cod. 0010142).


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Code Designation Dimensions WxHxD (mm) Add to list
0010006 RAQUITED 19" WALL-MOUNTED WHITE 6U 600x380x400 uni.
0010006C RAQUITED 19" WALL-MOUNTED GREY 6U 600x380x400 uni.
0010006P RAQUITED 19" WALL-MOUNTED BLACK 6U 600x380x400 uni.
0010008 RAQUITED 19" WALL-MOUNTED WHITE 8U 600x460x400 uni.
0010008C RAQUITED 19" WALL-MOUNTED GREY 8U 600x460x400 uni.
0010008P RAQUITED 19" WALL-MOUNTED BLACK 8U 600x460x400 uni.
0010013 RAQUITED 19" WALL-MOUNTED WHITE 13U 600x690x400 uni.
0010013C RAQUITED 19" WALL-MOUNTED GREY 13U 600x690x400 uni.
0010013P RAQUITED 19" WALL-MOUNTED BLACK 13U 600x690x400 uni.
0010017 RAQUITED 19" WALL-MOUNTED WHITE 17U 600x870x400 uni.
0010017C RAQUITED 19" WALL-MOUNTED GREY 17U 600x870x400 uni.
0010017P RAQUITED 19" WALL-MOUNTED BLACK 17U 600x870x400 uni.
0010024 RAQUITED 19" FLOOR WHITE 24U 600x1200x600 uni.
0010024C RAQUITED 19" FLOOR GREY 24U 600x1200x600 uni.
0010024P RAQUITED 19" FLOOR BLACK 24U 600x1200x600 uni.
00100708B RAQUITED 10" WALL-MOUNTED WHITE 6U 300x340x260 uni.
00100708C RAQUITED 10" WALL-MOUNTED GREY 6U 300x340x260 uni.
00100708P RAQUITED 10" WALL-MOUNTED BLACK 6U 300x340x260 uni.
00100840 RAQUITED 10" EMPTY PANEL F/ 24 RJ45 2U 255x89x85 uni.
00100841 RAQUITED 10" PANEL 1xCC4 1U 255x44 uni.
00100846 RAQUITED 10’’ EMPTY PANEL F/ 8 RJ45 1U 255x44 uni.
00100848 RAQUITED 10" EMPTY PANEL F/ 8 F/F CONNECTORS 1U 255x44 uni.
00100850 RAQUITED 10’’ EMPTY PANEL F/ 8 FO 1U 255x44 uni.
00100852 RAQUITED 10" CABLE ENTRY PANEL 1U 255x44 uni.
00100854 RAQUITED 10" BLIND PANEL 1U 255x44 uni.
00100856 RAQUITED 10" SHELF PANEL 1U 255x44x160 uni.
001010506 RAQUITED 19" PANEL RJ_FLEX CP6 2xCC5 FO8 3U 485x133x160 uni.
001010604 RAQUITED 19" PANEL 1xCC4 1U 485x43 uni.
001010606 RAQUITED 19" PANEL 1xCC6 1U 485x43 uni.
001010608 RAQUITED 19" PANEL 1xCC8 1U 485x43 uni.
001010612 RAQUITED 19" PANEL 1xCC12 1U 485x43 uni.
001010616 RAQUITED 19" PANEL 1xCC16 1U 485x43 uni.
0010126 RAQUITED 19" EMPTY PANEL F/ FO48 1U 485x43 uni.
0010128 RAQUITED 19" PANEL W/ SHELF F/ FO48 1U 485x43x160 uni.
0010129 RAQUITED 19" DRAWER PANEL F/ 24 FO SIMPLE 1U 485x43x230 uni.
0010130 RAQUITED 19" SHELF PANEL D265 1U 485x43x265 uni.
0010131 RAQUITED 19" SHELF PANEL D420 1U 485x43x420 uni.
0010134 RAQUITED 19" CABLE ENTRY PANEL W/ BRUSH 1U 485x43 uni.
0010135 RAQUITED 19" PANEL W/ HOOPS 1U 485x43 uni.
0010136 RAQUITED 19" CABLE ENTRY PANEL 1U 485x43 uni.
0010139 VENTILATION KIT W/ THERMOSTAT 120x120x38 uni.
0010142 RAQUITED 19" 3 VENT PANEL 1U 485x43x205 uni.
0010145 RAQUITED 19" BLIND PANEL 1U 485x43 uni.
0010146 RAQUITED 19" BLIND PANEL 2U 485x90 uni.
0010148 RAQUITED 19" 9 ELEC SOCKETS W/ SWITCH PANEL 1U 485x43x63 uni.
0010150 RAQUITED 19" EMPTY PANEL CABLE GUIDE F/ 24 RJ45 1U 485x43x90 uni.
0010153 RAQUITED 19" EMPTY PANEL F/ 24 RJ45 1U 485x43 uni.
0010155 RAQUITED 19" EMPTY PANEL F/ 15 RJ_FLEX 1U 485x43 uni.
0010158 RAQUITED 19’’ EMPTY PANEL F/ 24 F/F CONNECTORS 1U 485x43 uni.
0010162 RAQUITED 19" EMPTY PANEL F/ 10 F/F + 10 RJ45 1U 485x43 uni.
0010163 RAQUITED 19" EMPTY PANEL F/ 8F/F + 8RJ45 + 8FO 1U 485x43 uni.
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